Flocking together

It all started with concert t-shirts. Through them and my love of music off the beaten path, I found a home in communities and forged life-long friendships.

The idea of Birds of a Feather is to talk about the signals we send, the communities those signals represent, and what that all says about ourselves - often through stories about style and music.

My hope is this will provide insight into how our personal styles, preferences, and habits both create and reflect a rich world of worlds - and how we can use that power to shape a more just and equitable one.

If you want to sample one, here’s a few that people seemed to like:

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If you’re interested in longer, more edited takes on this kind of thing, check out Beneath the Surface (my editorial column for Heddels) and also my personal blog, Caught In the Crossfire.

I’m also on Instagram @janitorfrommars and Twitter @psf1516

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Culture and the ties that bind us, often through the lens of style and music


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